LKTF-2000 T-Shirt Folding & Packaging Machine


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The Automatic T-shirt folder “LKTF-2000” weighs approximately 25 lb, operates on standard 110v outlet.

ideal for

  • screen printing shop

  • garment fulfillment services

  • laundromats.

Warranty is included with the purchase of this machine for 1 year.

  • This T-shirt folder is capable of folding Small to 3XL T-shirts.

  • No expensive consumables

  • Low maintenance


How to use the LKTF-2000 Automatic Clothes Folding & Packaging Machine

This automatic t-shirt folding machine is simple to use, and with 2 minutes of training you should be a professional t-shirt folder.

This unit is designed to fold t-shirts ranging from adult small to 3X.

A 3X t-shirt will fold to 11 inches wide by 16 inches in height (11×16 final fold dimensions)

A small t-shirt will fold to 10.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches in height (10.5×13.5 final fold dimensions)

This T-Shirt Folding & Packaging Machine is shipped with a variable power supply. The voltage of this Electric Shirt Folding Machine is pre-set. Do not attempt to adjust the voltage. This will void your warranty.

Plug the power cord into a standard 120 volt household wall socket. Make sure the T-shirt folders power switch is in the off position, before doing so.

Place a t-shirt face down, with the collar of the T-shirt, a half of an inch from the top edge of the machine. If the bottom edge of the T-shirt hangs off the machine, fold it upward over, and on to itself. Stand back, and push either button on the sides of the machine.

The machine will actuate, and attempt to fold a T-shirt.

If this is unsuccessful reposition the shirt and attempt again.

When the machine is NOT in use, flip the power switch to the off position.

If the machine will be used for a long period of time flip the power switch to the off position, and unplug the machine.

After a few months the rubber bands will become stretched out & need to be replaced.

Take note NOT to use rubber bands that are too large or small. A correct example of rubbers band will be provided with the T-shirt folder. 2 rubber bands should be used on each flipper arms.


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 4 × 24 in